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Recruitment Information


Recruitment of technicians:
Requirements: Under 35 years of age, college degree or above, major in electromechanical and electronics, skilled use of CAD and other drawing software, relevant work experience is preferred.
Recruitment of general workers:
Men and women are not limited. They are required to be under 45 years of age, hardworking, able to adapt to two shifts, and get more work by piece.
Recruit warehouse administrators:
Recruitment position: warehouse administrator gender: female work experience: 1-3 years old: under 30 years old
Job Requirements: Serious and responsible work, obedience to leadership arrangements, strong communication and coordination skills, familiar with enterprise warehouse management.
Recruitment machine repairman:
Recruitment position: Gender of mechanic worker: Male age: Education requirement under 35 years old: Technical secondary school
Job Requirements: 1. Under 35 years old, healthy, hardworking, obedient to arrangements;
2. Technical secondary school or above, major in electromechanics and electronics, experience in equipment maintenance, proficiency in circuit, and electrician's certificate is preferred.
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