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Corporate dynamics

On May 30, 2019, OE Automobile joined hands with Yuhua Electric Appliances and other relevant suppliers to participate in the Great Wall Supplier Technology Exhibition.

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On May 30, 2019, OE Automobile Supplier Technology Exhibition - Great Wall Automobile Special Event was successfully held in Great Wall Harvard Technology Center. OE Automobile has organized more than 20 suppliers related to Intelligent Network, Auto Driving, New Energy and Lightweight to participate in this event.
This supplier technology exhibition is sponsored by OE Automobile United Great Wall Automobile and co-sponsored by Shenzhen International Future Automobile Exhibition. Great Wall Automobile Harvard Technology Center, branches, shares and other units colleagues attended. President Guo Yansong of Great Wall Automobile Technology Center came to the scene to communicate and communicate with suppliers during the leadership tour and the experience of supplier prototype.
Our technology center participated in the event and introduced the latest products and technical solutions.

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